I’m entertaining the possibility that the various miscommunications, setbacks, and plan revisions of the last 20 days could have something to do with Mercury Retrograde. I have never been one to adhere to astrological explanations, but man, this just fits the bill:

Hocus pocus? Maybe. Probably. In this case, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of the origin of sundry recent events, November has been a fine month for reflection. No catastrophes; just the kinds of re-evaluations that help one steer clear of snafus.

What am I evaluating? Right now we’ve got planning for a few different albums in the works (I promise it’ll be worth the wait…), as well as a building 2013 tour schedule. I’m looking for a new car and a manageable trailer to tow behind it (check out this guy!), since Sammy the Volvo’s last leg is close to broken. I’m writing a lot, feeling drawn to whole new pallets of sounds, and excited about the music we’re making.

Whether or not it’s Mercury that’s spurred this moment of reflection, I feel good about what I see. It’s a lot to dive into, but I wouldn’t want anything less.

Here’s wishing you the same,