Small Pleasures

It’s my birthday today! The wood stove is cranking, Red Dog is panting at my side, and I’ve got a day of writing and playing in the works. A little bit of business, too – we’re booking more and more shows for the spring and summer, which helps me to maintain the beach mentality when it’s 19 degrees outside. As long as I don’t have to resort to Jimmy Buffett, we’re golden.

On an unrelated note (Cut me some slack. It’s my birthday, and transitions are not my strong suit.), I’m currently consumed by The Tenth of December by George Saunders. I’ve been doing my best not to devour it in one huge gulp. I love the hilarity of his writing, and the fact that it expresses honestly the complexities of being alive. To him, no situation is ever black and white. No situation is even within the bounds of the visible light spectrum.

One day I hope to be able to write songs that are as expressive and genuine. I don’t mind if it takes me my whole life.

…I guess I better start with the transitions.

Thanks, friends, for making it possible for me to do it for another year. Here’s hoping there are many more.