I am making a live album on March 6 at the Rooster’s Wife in Aberdeen, NC. You can get tickets here.

Here’s the story – about two weeks ago I got an intense knowing that I need to record a live album. I have all these beautiful new songs that have been bouncing around in my skull and are looking for a home, and more songs knocking on the door.

I asked the universe/force/source/whatever-you-call-it, “What would it take to make this happen? How could I have a live album in hand by April?”

The next day, I was talking with my friend Janet Kenworthy, the lovely owner of The Rooster’s Wife. The Rooster’s Wife has a special place in my heart, and it’s thick with magic. Janet just happened to have a cancellation on March 6. We put our heads together, recruited the wonderful Tom Berry to run sound, and decided to GO FOR IT!

So here I am, diving in head-first. On March 6 I’ll bring my heart and songs to the stage and we’ll catch it on tape.  When I perform, I feel like I’m dancing with the force and I never know what the next move is – it’s just a matter of being present and moving with the vivid reality of the moment. I’m grateful for every chance I get to be in that energy, and grateful to the audience (co-creators) for helping to create the vessel that holds that energy. We make magic together.

Join me on March 6 and we’ll dance with the force 🙂

Love and thanks,