Not naked in someone else’s not living room

My sister is getting married on Saturday and I am the maid of honor. In light of that, I almost thought I was going to miss making a video this week! That simply would not do.

I could not have pulled this off without the help of my three favorite monkeys, Mitchell, Wyatt and Rowan. Thank you, my darlings, for accepting a decidedly sad bedtime song. In the words of Rowan, “Everybody loves school.” Think about it.

Thanks to the fan for percussion.

Savoir faire

Oh Artist formerly known as the son of the queen, how I love thee. I humbly offer this #nakedinmylivingroom rendition of “the number that comes after six” in honor of your awesomeness.

Jambo! Smooches!


I almost forgot! Here’s last week’s video, a cover of 81 by Joanna Newsom from her spectacular album Have One on Me.

Go easy and shine! <3

but really please don’t

Naked in my living room #5 is a new original song! Well… new to you. I first played this at Shakori Hills about a year ago, but I haven’t recorded it until now.

It’s called pull me over.