Hello beautiful humans,

Omar and I are excited to share our works in progress with you on Patreon! Patreon is like an online tip jar where you can choose how much to give us for each song or video we release. In return, we share our process with you. I love this way of interacting with our listeners, friends and fans because it allows us to talk with one another on a deeper level. Check it out here.

Patreon also allows us to share our unfinished works with you and motivates us to develop new material. I’ve always felt that the artistic process is more than the art “product” – the song is a souvenir we bring back from an artistic journey into some magical in-between place. The journey has value, with or without the song.

I hope that seeing the evolution of songs and projects will help our fans open up to their own creative ability. Anyone can create, we all have valid voices, and making art heals and expands our worlds. Your voice is yours, use it! And have some fun!

Love and thanks for supporting us in our process.