I’ve got two shows with one of my all-time favorite humans coming up! On Friday Feb 4 Rebecca Loebe and I will be playing together at 808 Dothan Court, Raleigh NC 27614 at 7 p.m. (music at 8) You are welcome to RSVP to booking@lizzy.net if you’d like to attend, or just show up with 1000 of your best friends. Both would be great 🙂

On Saturday, Feb 5 we will cruise on down to Atlanta, GA (more precisely, Decatur) where we’ll play at Eddie’s Attic to celebrate 10 years of touring for Rebecca! You can get tickets here

Looking forward to making some more magic on stage. So grateful to get to do this!

“In its wild state, the truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous, kaleidoscopic, and beautiful.”
– Robert Brezsny