but really please don’t

Naked in my living room #5 is a new original song! Well… new to you. I first played this at Shakori Hills about a year ago, but I haven’t recorded it until now.

It’s called pull me over.

Naked in my living room

April Fools! Don’t get too excited.  Every Tuesday I’m releasing a new video of a one-take live song. No edits, one mic, not too fancy.

Here’s Listen to Her Heart by Tom Petty.


Last week I played a new original song January.

Thanks for listening <3


Hi friends! Well, it’s officially close enough to Christmas to release this. Here I am performing River by Joni (sigh, love you girl duh) at Cotton Mill Live.

I feel deep gratitude to Jeremy, Gavin, and the whole crew that made this happen. Thank you for this moment!




P.S. – Joni, thanks for giving us a song for the Holiday sads. Blue Christmas is great but it was getting a little worn out.