Live album recording march 6!

I am making a live album on March 6 at the Rooster’s Wife in Aberdeen, NC. You can get tickets here.

Here’s the story – about two weeks ago I got an intense knowing that I need to record a live album. I have all these beautiful new songs that have been bouncing around in my skull and are looking for a home, and more songs knocking on the door.

I asked the universe/force/source/whatever-you-call-it, “What would it take to make this happen? How could I have a live album in hand by April?”

The next day, I was talking with my friend Janet Kenworthy, the lovely owner of The Rooster’s Wife. The Rooster’s Wife has a special place in my heart, and it’s thick with magic. Janet just happened to have a cancellation on March 6. We put our heads together, recruited the wonderful Tom Berry to run sound, and decided to GO FOR IT!

So here I am, diving in head-first. On March 6 I’ll bring my heart and songs to the stage and we’ll catch it on tape.  When I perform, I feel like I’m dancing with the force and I never know what the next move is – it’s just a matter of being present and moving with the vivid reality of the moment. I’m grateful for every chance I get to be in that energy, and grateful to the audience (co-creators) for helping to create the vessel that holds that energy. We make magic together.

Join me on March 6 and we’ll dance with the force :)

Love and thanks,


Ocean weekend

This weekend I have the pleasure of serenading listeners on the coast. Tonight, Friday 2/19 I’ll be playing at Walker World Organic Artist Retreat, 453 Blossom Ferry Road, Castle Hayne, NC 28429. Show starts at 8 p.m. and suggested donation is $10.

Tomorrow, Saturday 2/20, I’ll be playing in Southport, NC at an event hosted by Ken Perrin of Circle Entertainment. If you’d like to RSVP, please write me at for details.

I’m also delighted to announce the launch of the podcast Dream Freedom Beauty, which my sister Natalie Ross and I created together. On Dream Freedom Beauty we talk with everyone from scientists to priestesses about how they learned to connect deeply with their intuition, what it means to live aligned with the earth, and how to create truly fulfilling, beautiful dream lives in the process. Check it out!

Much love and many thanks – it’s so amazing to be able to share my music with you.


Shows with Rebecca Loebe

I’ve got two shows with one of my all-time favorite humans coming up! On Friday Feb 4 Rebecca Loebe and I will be playing together at 808 Dothan Court, Raleigh NC 27614 at 7 p.m. (music at 8) You are welcome to RSVP to if you’d like to attend, or just show up with 1000 of your best friends. Both would be great :)

On Saturday, Feb 5 we will cruise on down to Atlanta, GA (more precisely, Decatur) where we’ll play at Eddie’s Attic to celebrate 10 years of touring for Rebecca! You can get tickets here

Looking forward to making some more magic on stage. So grateful to get to do this!

“In its wild state, the truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous, kaleidoscopic, and beautiful.”
– Robert Brezsny


Fayetteville Jan 7, Aberdeen Jan 8

I’ve got two lovely shows coming up to ring in the new year! January 7th at 7:30 I’ll be sharing new songs at the Cameo Art House Theatre at 225 Hay St in Fayetteville, NC. Tickets are available at

The next evening, January 8, I’ll be playing at one of my all-time favorite spots, The Rooster’s Wife in Aberdeen, NC. I’ll go on at 6:46 p.m. Tickets are available at

I am so grateful for another opportunity to share the music I love to make with open-eared, open hearted people. THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to make some magic with you all. Much love,

P.S. – Stay tuned for exciting announcements about a new album! Yeow! Happy new year, y’all.