14 Dec 2016 Awendaw, SC Awendaw Green Awendaw Green
16 Dec 2016 St. Augustine, FL Shanghai Nobby's Shanghai Nobby's
17 Dec 2016 Boyton Beach, FL The Living Room The Living Room
22 Dec 2016 Bonita, FL Beach Records Beach Records
23 Dec 2016 Ft Meyers , FL Old Soul Brewing Old Soul Brewing
31 Dec 2016 Martinsville, VA The Rives Theatre The Rives Theatre

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Listen to Violet Bell perform live on NPR’s The State of Things:

Violet Bell is Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez.  Based out of Durham, NC, these two artists make wild soul-folk music that sings in your bones.

Lizzy Ross made a name for herself in NC and beyond with her stirring original songs and “a voice like cigarettes and the smoothest whiskey you’ve ever tasted” (Stephen Markley, Chicago RedEye). Omar Ruiz-Lopez (Jonathan Byrd, Crystal Bright, the Durham Symphony Orchestra) puts a cosmic spin on the music with violin, guitar, cello, mandolin, and stellar vocal harmonies.

Ross and Ruiz-Lopez played and toured for years before their paths crossed. When they finally did meet, it was electric. The duo brings this passion to their live shows. Whether they’re playing an intimate acoustic tune or sprawling out in psychedelic revelry, you can feel the magic.



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